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What's On At Auchonvillers - 2023

Lectures on the Somme

In the Footsteps of the Cameramen of the Somme  By Andrew  Robertshaw

A unique two day self-drive fully guided tour of the Somme of 1916.  The tours will start every day a the Guest house of Avril Williams. in the village of Auchonvillers.  Guests are welcome to book tours.


28th-29th June or 2nd -3rd July

Day One - Fully Narrated showing of the film 'The Somme' first released in  August 1916.

Then to Pas en Artois and Acheux to see where Geoffrey Malins filmed, and Ernest Brooks photographed units on 31st and 29th Divisions the days before the battle.

Lunch either picnic or at Auchonvillers.

Afternoon.  To the front line before Beaumont Hamel to see the spots on which the events immediately before the battle and on 1st July were recorded.  We will be using a replica of Malins' Moy and Bastie camera to frame up and get the viewpoint of eyewitnesses.  The Sunken Lane, Kings Street, and the explosion of the mine under Hawthorn Ridge.

To Auconvillers for final discussion and a drink

Day Two - Showing of relevant section of the film 'The Somme' then to the road from Albert to La Boisselle to see where Malins filmed casualty evacuation and a German counterattack.  To Lochnagar Crater to examine where Malins filmed the site within a few days of its capture.

Lunch locally

After lunch on to the sector filmed by J B McDowell south of Albert.  Look at the events at Minden Post, the shelling of Mamez and German counterattack.  Look at the events at Minden Post, the shelling of Mametz and German POW segments.  Finish in the centre of Fricourt to find the location of a panning shot taken of the village after its capture.

To Auconvillers for a final discussion and a drink.

Visit to appropriate cemeteries possible.

Lunch and refreshments are available on site and there is ample parking.

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